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12 x 18 Golf Signs

Designing a sign for a sponsorship event is a very simple task and with a wide variety of signs available to choose from it is no wonder that many event organizers use signs to promote their sponsors. Signs can be manufactured in various sizes and one common choice is 12x18. 12x18 signs that are strategically placed with an eye catching picture or logo as well as the sponsors name make a very professional addition to any event.

One such event that makes use of 12x18 signs is sponsored golf tournaments. With the numbers of attendees at a golfing event the need for sponsors is often very high. When event organizers can provide sponsorship signage in strategic locations throughout the golf course the benefits of the promotion can be easily pointed out to the sponsors when approaching them for assistance in the event with sponsorship funds.

When approaching potential sponsors it is a great advantage to be able to emphasize the visual impact of their business through the use of 12x18 signs. With flexibility in design options the signs themselves are many times a big selling point to the potential sponsors. Simple and effective marketing can be provided to sponsors with the use of original or pre-designed 12x18 signs.

Our golf tee signs are photographic quality and produced in house by us. That means no middle man, you're buying directly from the manufacturer which translates to lower prices!

Click any sponsor sign below to begin adding your sponsor names instantly. We are constantly adding new templates to choose from. Visit our discounts page to view quantity price breaks and shipping discounts.

Check our help section for sign designing tips.

All of our signs come ready to use with a step stake, just stick them in the ground.

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18 x 12 Signs

Flag in Hole

12x18 Golf Flag in Hole

18"x12" - $10.00

Ball in Grass

12x18 Golf Ball in Grass

18"x12" - $10.00

Cracked Glass

12x18 Golf Cracked Glass

18"x12" - $10.00

Palm Trees

12x18 Golf Palm Trees

18"x12" - $10.00

Tee Off

12x18 Golf Tee Off

18"x12" - $10.00

Birdie Putt

12x18 Golf Birdie Putt

18"x12" - $10.00


12x18 Golf Sunset

18"x12" - $10.00

Red Flag

12x18 Golf Red Flag

18"x12" - $10.00

Flag in Close

12x18 Golf Flag in Close

18"x12" - $10.00