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18 x 24 Golf Tee Sign

When you are planning an event, such as a golf tournament, it is important to make the most of the promotional benefits of the event for your sponsors. With the use of signs, particularly the useful size of 18x24, a lot of information can be displayed to not only promote the sponsors for various activities but can also be used as information boards. Using an 18X24 size board will provide a good visual impact to those who attend any event, and with custom designed signs sized 18x24, getting a message across is a very simple process.

Signs can be used to provide those attending the tournament information about various sponsors throughout the event. Golf Tournament Signs, in size 18x24, detailing the various sponsors of each particular hole on the golf course can be placed right next to where golfers will tee-off. This not only makes the event look very professional it of course offers the promotional benefit to the sponsor themselves.

Anyone who is planning a sponsorship event will be able to choose varieties of designs when they are making 18x24 signs and these signs can be made using previously designed art work or entirely new art work which is perhaps more relevant to the sponsor.

Our golf tee signs are photographic quality and produced in house by us. That means no middle man, you're buying directly from the manufacturer which translates to lower prices!

Click any sponsor sign below to begin adding your sponsor names instantly. We are constantly adding new templates to choose from. Visit our discounts page to view quantity price breaks and shipping discounts.

Check our help section for sign designing tips.

All of our signs come ready to use with a step stake, just stick them in the ground.

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18 x 24 Signs

Green Fairway

18x24 Golf Green Fairway

18"x24" - $13.00

Driving Range

18x24 Golf Driving Range

18"x24" - $13.00

Ball in grass

18x24 Golf Ball in grass

18"x24" - $13.00


18x24 Golf GolfBall

18"x24" - $13.00

Golf Swing

18x24 Golf Golf Swing

18"x24" - $13.00

Tee box

18x24 Golf Tee box

18"x24" - $13.00

On The Green.jpg

18x24 Golf On The Green.jpg

18"x24" - $13.00

Fall Scene

18x24 Golf Fall Scene

18"x24" - $13.00

View of Course

18x24 Golf View of Course

18"x24" - $13.00

Open Green.jpg

18x24 Golf Open Green.jpg

18"x24" - $13.00

Tropical Green

18x24 Golf Tropical Green

18"x24" - $13.00

Ball N Motion

18x24 Golf Ball N Motion

18"x24" - $13.00

Close Approach.jpg

18x24 Golf Close Approach.jpg

18"x24" - $13.00

Mountain golf

18x24 Golf Mountain golf

18"x24" - $13.00

Flag In Grass

18x24 Golf Flag In Grass

18"x24" - $13.00

Two Ball Green.jpg

18x24 Golf Two Ball Green.jpg

18"x24" - $13.00

Ball in Grass

18x24 Golf Ball in Grass

18"x24" - $13.00

Beverage Sponsor

18x24 Golf Beverage Sponsor

18"x24" - $13.00

Blue Sky

18x24 Golf Blue Sky

18"x24" - $13.00

Golf Carts

18x24 Golf Golf Carts

18"x24" - $13.00

Putting Green

18x24 Golf Putting Green

18"x24" - $13.00